Backoffice and Consulting support for foreign companies

To foreign companies and foreign related companies which are planning or doing business in Japan:

What we do?:

International tax counsulting We are a proffessional tax accounting office, and provide English-based backoffice supports such as accounting, tax, payroll and consulting services for foreign companies in Japan.

Backoffice and compliance service

  • Accounting,Tax works and Payroll, social insurrance outsourcing service
  • Financial analysis, and Financing support
  • Accounting and tax reporting for headoffices
  • Japanese annual tax return preparation

Consulting service

  • Japan tax planning
  • Tax opinion service

Who needs this service?:

We mainly support the following companies which needs to outsource their backoffice functions.

  • Foreign companies planning to do business in Japan
  • Foreign companies doing business in Japan
  • Japanese companies whose employees in Japan are non Japasese speakers.

Why do you needs this service?:

In the early stage of Japan business, foreign companies usually have to do business with limited manpower. In such case, outsourcing backoffice work can spare time and cost, and let them focus on operating main Japan buiness.

Why our office?:

Why our office?Some accounting firms, such as Big 4 firms provide foreign companies in Japan with accounting and tax services.The quality of those services are high, and satisfing the clients over the world.Our accountants are from a Big 4 firm, and have networks with accountants from Big 4. We have knowledge of these firms, and can provide those high-quality services with reasonable fee systems.