Individual income tax return

To non-Japanese individuals who need to file tax returns in Japan:

What we do?:

Expat Japan Individual tax returnWe provide Japan individual tax return (kakutei-shinkoku) preparation service in English for non Japanese Individuals.

  • Japan Individual income tax return preparation
  • Tax advice and planning about Japan individual income tax

Who needs this service?:

We mainly support the following individuals.

  • Expats working in japan who are paid saralies from several companies.
  • Individuals who have own business (business income) in Japan
  • Individuals who have property income in Japan
  • Residents in Japan who have foreign source incomes
  • Individuals who wants to enjoy some income deduction and tax credit merit

These are just sample cases, and there are many other cases where individual have to file a Japanese tax return other than above. Let us know your situation, and we will explain to you about your tax position.

Why our office?:

Some accounting firms, such as Big 4 firms provide Japanse individual tax return service in Japan.

The quality of those services are high, and satisfing the clients over the world.

Our accountants are from a Big 4 firm, and have networks with accountants from Big 4. We have knowledge of these firms, and can provide those high-quality services with reasonable fee systems.

Also, we have knowledge of tax saving, and can offer various plans depending on your situation. you would enjoy the merit of tax saving.